• Median reader age is 30.

  • More than half our readers are aged 26-40.
  • 80% of readers are employed outside of the home.
  • Almost half of these are employed in professional/ managerial positions.
  • 89% of readers are the main grocery buyer.
  • 90% of readers prepare the majority of household meals.
  • 57% of readers exercise every day.
  • 35% exercise 2-3 times a week.
  • Distributed through newsagencies.and supermarkets


Shape Magazine

SHAPE is a magazine for women who prioritise their health and fitness, and who want to look and feel their very best.

SHAPE readers want to be kept up-to-date with the latest exercise and nutrition trends. They want advice on how to set goals and how to reach them. They want smart food ideas that save them time and money. They want advice on how to work out smarter so they can see results faster. It’s a busy world out there, and SHAPE readers are busy women!

At SHAPE we deliver what our readers want. We ensure that every issue is a one-stop shop – timely and relevant health, nutrition and fitness information packaged in a product that appeals to the time-pressed modern woman.